1966 to 1971

Date Change Description
October 1966 Car No. #1159663:
Sealed-beam headlamps fitted. Fuse in sidelamp circuit introduced
October 1967 Car No. #1196653:
New type paper air cleaner element introduced
June 1969 Car No #1254328:
Convertible discontinued. Final Car Number
Late 1969 Oil filter switch ceased to be fitted.
Amber warning lens fitted but not used.
1970 During the last months of production some models were fitted with an alternator instead of a dynamo.
November 1970 Saloon production discontinued. Final Car Numbers, two-door saloon #1288377.
1971 Four-door Saloon Car No. #1288299:
During the last months of production some of the vehicles assembled at the Morris Commercial Cars plant at Adderley Park, Birmingham were fitted with steering column ignition locks
April 1971 Traveller production discontinued. Final Car Number #1294082.