1956 to 1960

Date Change Description
August 1956 Car No. #433571:
Coloured hoods fitted to Convertible.

During its production run, the Series II received few other changes but they included:
discontinuation of front wing beading,
hardboard replacing millboard door trim,
grease nipples added to handbrake cables,
shorter gear lever,
repositioned pedals,
different gearbox cover and carpets to give more foot room
Car No. #433571 on:
Tourer given a coloured hood
Mottled green for green cars
Mottled red for all others
Seats became fixed-back for two-door cars.
October 1956 Series II discontinued. Final chassis number #448714.
October 1956

Standard and De-Luxe two and four-door saloons, Convertible and Traveller introduced,
designated' Minor 1000':
948cc engine fitted
Single-piece and enlarged curved windscreen and larger rear window
Dished steering wheel
Horn and trafficator control on steering column
Glove box lids fitted
Deeper rear wings
Shorter gear lever and deeper gearbox cover
Car No. #448801:
'Minor 1000' motif on sides of bonnet.

New type of shorter handbrake fitted with end push-button instead of side-mounted lever.
Gear-lever carried in aluminium remote-control extension.
Self-parking wipers, though still not of parallel movement type.

December 1956 Car No. #462458:
New strengthened steering swivel pin assembly fitted.
Early 1957 Plastic gear lever knob with rubber insert.
Boot lid handle and lock strengthened.
Car No. #463443 on:
New steering rack oil seal fitted.
March 1957 Saloon Car No. #478048:
Fuel tank enlarged from 5 to 6.5 gallons
Traveller Car No. #485127:
Fuel tank enlarged from 5 to 6.5 gallons

Mud deflector plates made available for rear brake drums.
September 1957 Car No. #524944:
Canvas hood on convertible replaced by plastic coated material
November 1957 Traveller Car No. #552906:
Gearlever reset and lengthened
October 1958 Car No. #654750:
Courtesy light switches fitted in front doors
December 1958 Car No. #680464:
Rear spring design changed from 7 x 1/4" leaves to 5 x 1/4" leaves - Saloon and Tourer only.
February 1959

Saloon Car No. #698137
Traveller Car No. #693918

Early type dry paper element air cleaner

March 1959 Traveller Car No. #704254
Four-door Saloon Car No. #705224
Two-door Saloon Car No. #705622

Wider opening doors.
Self-cancelling direction indicator switch fitted to steering column.
Horn button moved to centre of steering wheel
September 1959 Combined inlet and exhaust manifold.
Foot space between gearbox cover and clutch pedal increased.
PVC interior roof lining fitted instead of cloth.
Car No. #750470:
Front passenger seat on two-door saloon and Traveller modified to give better access to rear seats
During 1960 HS type SU carburettor introduced, Engine No. 9M/U/H 353449.