1951 to 1955

Date Change Description
January 1951 Car No. RHD#83390 LHD#81595:
All Minors built with headlamps mounted in the wings with side lamps placed where the headlamps used to be.
All wing mounted headlamps were 7" instead of former 5" units.
March 1951 Car No. RHD#91076 LHD#89726:
A nickel shortage led to painted grille and hub caps being fitted.
Hub caps only were restored to chrome plated finish six months later.
April 1951 Car No. RHD#83206 LDH#81502:
Optional water pump fitted to engine, allowing use of heater.
Complete cost LHD - all cars now fitted with one-piece bumpers in place of earlier split type.
June 1951 - on Car No. RHD#100920 LHD#102836: -
Tourer sidescreens of fixed type and revised hood fitted.
Car No. RHD#131460 LHD#126597:
Door-mounted ashtray discontinued on four-door, replaced by fascia mounted ashtray.
Car No. RHD#124810 LHD#122788:,
Door-mounted ashtray discontinued on two-door, replaced by fascia mounted ashtray.
Car No. RHD#139359 LHD#139514:
Glove box emblem changed from chrome and enamel to plastic.
Boot lid lock strengthened.
September 1951 Car No. RHD#114923 LHD#89910:
Rubber bushed top suspension link introduced to cure suspension 'clonk'.
Later fitted as a modification to most cars.
At same time in 1952 a secondary steering rack damper was introduced.
Late 1952 - on Series MM engine replaced by A-series engine, in export four-door car at first.
Two-door saloon and Tourer still fitted with Morris 8 engine until 23 February 1953, when last Series MM Minor built.
August 1952 Car No. #160001:
First OHV engine fitted in four-door saloon (side valve engine continued in some), .
January 1953 Car No. #180001:
All models fitted with ohv engine.
October 1953

De-Luxe models introduced featuring heater, leather seats, over-riders and passenger sun visor;
Car No. #221842 - Two-door Saloon
Car No. #221803 - Four-door Saloon
Car No. #221914 - Convertible

January 1954 Car No. #228267:
'A' type rear axle and standard swivel pin assembly introduced .
Wedge type fan belt at engine no. 72610.
Early 1954 Sprung-type semi-bucket seats replaced by more modern, flatter far less comfortable front seats.
Also around this time and until late 1954, 10,000 cars were fitted with separate rear reflectors as a stop-gap way of satisfying new rear reflector regulations.
June 1954 Engine steady cable fitted, 264013.
October 1954 Horizontal grill bars introduced.
Revised instrument and control panel. Separate speedometer, fuel and oil pressure gauges replaced by single separate instrument with open glove boxes each side;
Two-door saloon Car No. #291140
Four-door saloon Car No. #290173
Convertible Car No. #291336
Traveller Car No. #289687
Rubber-buffered tie-rod mounted between engine and bulkhead to act as engine steady and to cut out clutch judder.
Car No. #293051:
New larger rear light fitting incorporating reflector in lens cover fitted, #293051.