1948 to 1950

Date Change Description
October 1948

First Minor rolls off production line
Car Number SMM501
Engine Type USHM2

June 1949 Car No. RHD#3389 LHD#6142:
small, round twin rear lights replace single rear lamp (mounted vertically in USA).
Car No. RHD#17580 LHD#7967:
larger squared-off variety of rear lamps fitted.
September 1949 Improved draught and water sealing.
Choke control altered slightly.
Seats given more forwards adjustment.
Late 1949 Car No. RHD#904 LHD#5600:
Front suspension tie-bar mounting strengthened .
Car No. RHD#17840 LHD#8700:
Rear suspension - front shackle renewable bush plates fitted, .
Car No. RHD#12118 RHD LHD#5856:
Cellulose paint replaced by synthetic enamel .
All US market cars fitted with headlamps in wings.
October 1950 Four-door Series MM Minor introduced, also with headlamps situated in wings.
Indicators fitted high in central door pillar instead of low down as on two-door cars.
Some cars (two-door and four-door) fitted with leather front seats, Vyanide being retained in the rear. Car No. RHD#69832 LHD#71098:
Front doors closed with straps instead of cord.
Four-door cars fitted with one-piece bumpers instead of earlier split type.
Car No. RHD#72985 RHD:
Passenger windscreen wiper fitted as standard.