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The following information has been taken from 'Morris Minor - The Complete Story' by Ray Newell. The book contains all sorts of previously unpublished information including the following much-awaited colour codes. I have spoken to Ray himself and he has given me permission to reproduce the information here.

As Ray says in his book, although the actual paint codes used are presented here, care must still be taken to ensure you get the correct colour for your restoration. A number of the early colours will be particularly difficult to get exactly right as the base colours and tinters have been discontinued.

It is also important that you refer to both the paint code and the name when talking to paint suppliers as a number of colour names used by British Leyland vehicles, including the Minor, were re-used on later Rover vehicles. Flame Red for instance was used on commercial Minors between 1970 and 1973, and was later re-introduced by the Rover Group in a slightly different shade of red.

Thanks again to Ray Newell for doing all the research and allowing me to reprint it here. Be sure to check out his new book Morris Minor - The Complete Story'.

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