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The car was released to the British public at the 1948 Motor Show at Earls Court in London, the launch was over shadowed by Jaguar and the release of the XK120 Sports car.

The car was designed during the war year by a team led by Alec Issigonis the father of the Mini, a car which in-time would lead to the dismiss of the Morris Minor.

In its prototype form it was know as the “Mosquito", Alec Issigonis together with Jack Daniels and Reg Job, set out to create a completely new and innovative car. Features included:

  • monocoque design (as opposed to the traditional chassis / body)
  • rack and pinion steering
  • independent front suspension utilising torsion bars
  • smaller fourteen inch wheels
  • Striking styling lines.

All of which were successfully incorporated in to the final production vehicle although some of the more daring features had to be lost (such as the headlamps behind the grille and the flat four engine) due to cost and production techniques.

The Series MM from 1948 – 1952/3, produced between 1948 and 1952, was powered by the same side valve engine as seen in the pre-war Morris Eight. The engine size was 918cc produced 27bhp and had a top speed of 62mph.


The Series II from 1952/3 – 1956, The Minor had gained the overhead valve engine of the Austin A30, but still retained the flat-glass split windscreen of the previous model. An improved engine now with ohv and with 803cc it produced 30bhp giving the Morris Minor a top speed of 62mph.

The Series III From 1956 – 1963, The Minor came of age in with the 1000, For the first time in years the car had a major re-design loosing the split screen front windscreen in favor of a one piece curved glass, and a larger rear window. The new 948cc “A” series engine and new gearbox now gave the car 37bhp and a top speed of 72mph.

It was in this production run that the 1’000’000 Morris Minor came off the production line and to celebrate 349 lilac coloured cars were produced. The Series IV 1962 – 1970-ish The minor now entered its final faze the engine size was increased to 1098cc the car was re-styled with small changes in the windscreen wiper, subtle changes to the lighting this included the loss of the trafficators, the use of sealed beam lighting and changes to the rear lights. The interior of the car also saw changes during this period.


Click here for a detailed breakdown of production changes.

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